Thomas Tuchel playing career: incompetent and unlucky before reaching glorious glory with career as a coach

Thomas Tuchel
Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel, like many coaches, was once a player. The German tactician laughed a lot when he remembered the time wearing his football boots back then. Learn more now to discover interesting facts about Chelsea’s coach and his time as a player.

Thomas Tuchel
Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel was criticized by his former teammates for being too slow and lacking in direct confrontation skills when he was still playing football. It was difficult for the European champion to discuss a difficult period in his career. Tuchel, on the other hand, is willing to share information that few people know about from his time playing football. Let’s look more inside that period of the Chelsea’s coach.

From ordinary early life and professional career

Thomas Tuchel (born 29 August 1973) is a former German professional footballer who played for Stuttgarter Kickers and SSV Ulm.

With his father’s support, Thomas Tuchel accepted the decision to become a professional footballer, and in 1979, he joined his local youth team, TSV Krumbach.

Thomas Tuchel joined FC Augsburg’s youth in 1988, however he never made it to the first squad, and was released shortly after turning 19 in 1992.

Heiner Schuhmann, Tuchel’s manager in Augsburg, remarked that “Tuchel was a passionate player who gave it his all on the field, but had few friends among his teammates because he was hard and demanding.”

 Tuchel 18
Tuchel 18

Thomas Tuchel, a center defender who played for SSV Ulm, had to retire in 1998 at the age of 24 due to a knee cartilage damage. Tuchel’s recuperation was made more difficult by the fact that he never truly recovered from it, despite his best efforts.

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He had to conclude his playing career abruptly at the age of 24 since he was unable to recuperate from this injury. This indicated that he had only played football professionally for five years.

“It’s a little difficult to discuss my career because it ended with a few games in the second or third division before it ever began,’ said Tuchel.

Sad to think that he had shone like a young star who may reach the top only a few years earlier, at the age of 18. Tuchel and his Augsburg teammates had just won the then-current European Under-18 Club Championship (equivalent to the FA Youth Cup).

Tuchel 24 Stuttgart
Tuchel 24 Stuttgart

Before joining third-tier team SSV Ulm, he had a brief stint with the Stuttgarter Kickers in Bundesliga 2, appearing in eight games there.

Before being forced to put his boots away permanently due to a catastrophic knee injury at the age of 24 in 1998, he played there 68 times.

All of it was taken away due to a cartilage injury in the knee. Tuchel waved goodbye to his career at a Second Division squad at the age of 24, just as all the prospective players were ready to emerge. Tuchel chuckled as he recounted the incident and made light of the fact that his disability stopped him from joining a second division squad.

Getting feet wet when arrived to Augsburg at the age of 18, but he lacked talent and was too young to aid a club that was in trouble. Tuchel also received a lot of criticism from his tutor Schafstall. Schafstall, according to a former teammate, was like a “poison drug” for Tuchel, asking him often, “How should I deal with you?” or “Tuchel, you don’t know anything.”

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Later, when he moved to SSV Ulm, another Tuchel teammate, Wölki, agreed that the German coach of his youth was a mediocre, not outstanding, player with many flaws.

To bright managerial career

However, nobody is treated unfairly by life, and Tuchel has been given the chance right at SSV Ulm. He got to know Ralf Rangnick, the former Schalke coach and current RB Leipzig football director who served as Klopp’s inspiration.

Nine months later, he got in touch with Rangnick, who was still in command at Stuttgart, and requested a trial with the team’s reserves. Rangnick was more than willing to comply, but when Tuchel was finally unable to continue playing due to persistent cartilage damage, Rangnick planted the coaching seed by enquiring about his ability to picture coaching junior football.


Tuchel spent some time observing coaches in the club’s academy out of curiosity before assuming charge of the U14 team in 2000. There was no turning around now that his foot was firmly through the door.

Rangnick wasn’t bothered by this in the past because Tuchel was only an average player in the Third Division who left the game at the age of 24.

“When I was younger, I used to put forth a lot of effort in an effort to play professional football. But it was challenging because I was hurt. When the nightmare struck, I was at a loss for what to do. I once was. To be dragged to the field to watch football was agonizing. I reasoned at the time that perhaps I no longer belonged in this game “Tuchel remembers.

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Ironically, SSV Ulm had already advanced to the point where it could be promoted to the Bundesliga by the time Tuchel arrived in Stuttgart. Tuchel regrets it and feels a little envious because his professional playing dream will come true if he stays.

Tuchel has advanced exactly as he desired when he was a player, despite the sorrow from Mainz, Dortmund, PSG, and then Chelsea. At the age of 48, everything seemed like a dream: winning the national championship, making it to the Champions League final, and winning it the following year. Tuchel never criticized young athletes for their potential crimes because he thinks it must be just as mistaken as his former master Schafstall.

Tuchel is beginning to believe things are more open, yet it cannot be compared to the grandeur of Zidane, Pep, or Mourinho. He possesses all things, including power and good fortune.

Above is all about Thomas Tuchel’s player’s time, the Chelsea coach had a mediocre period as a player but that was a foundation for him to step up as one of the most famous coach in the football world. Follow Chelase Football website to keep up with Tuchel’s team performances and watch live matches of Chelsea in the coming season.

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