Pochettino warns Mudryk and Enzo Fernandez


Manager Mauricio Pochettino affirmed that he will provide Mykhaylo Mudryk, Enzo Fernandez, and the other young stars of Chelsea with the foundation to start their careers in the Premier League correctly, but he also cautioned them to put in even more effort.

The Argentine strategist made it clear to his players that they must seize the opportunities he gives them. Mudryk had to endure a challenging first six months in England after moving from Shakhtar Donetsk for £88.5 million.


Meanwhile, the 2022 World Cup champion, Enzo Fernandez, is considered the best signing of The Blues in January 2023, but there is still a long way to go for him to prove he is worth the £106.8 million that Chelsea spent on him.

Pochettino shared with the media: “Now is a fresh start, and they need to demonstrate their true qualities. But we need to create this foundation for them to feel comfortable and provide them with space to perform and improve.

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These players joined the team in difficult circumstances, which is a significant challenge for them. However, of course, we need to give them the opportunity to prove that they can handle the pressure of playing for Chelsea and showcase their best form.
It’s important for Enzo to rest a little because he has played continuously for a year and a half. He has to adapt to everything – the culture, the language – and that’s always a challenging process. But now he knows what it means to be a Chelsea player, he knows this city, and he’s improving his communication skills.”

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Mudryk just finished the U21 European campaign with the U21 Ukraine team, and he will have a break until July 17 before joining the rest of the squad. Regarding this player, the Argentine coach stated: “Everything is different in Mudryk’s life compared to Enzo’s. That’s why it’s crucial to take the time to talk to him.”

“I will meet him before he arrives to start the preseason. I really want to meet him and get to know him, and then, together with the best strategic staff, help him reach the level that Chelsea expects when signing him.

Levi Colwill, the newly crowned U21 European champion with the U21 England team, was also mentioned by the new coach Pochettino: “First and foremost, I need to understand him. I need to hear what he thinks, what he expects, and then let him listen to what I expect from him.”

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