Chelsea lineups

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This 2022/23 season Chelsea FC will bring you the best game with new squads. Every thing you need to know will be present below.

Chelsea squads 2022/23 in Premier League

Goalkeepers and Defenders

In this season, Chelsea have 5 goalkeepers and 10 defenders includes:

Team Goalkeepers: Kepa Arrizabalaga, Édouard Mendy, Gabriel Slonina, Marcus Bettinelli and Lucas Bergstorm

Their starting goalkeeper, Edouard Mendy, has been a key player in the team’s recent success. Mendy has proven to be a solid shot-stopper with excellent reflexes, and his aerial presence and command of the box have been a key asset for the team. Additionally, Mendy has a strong distribution game, often starting quick counter-attacks with his accurate long passes.

However, while Mendy’s performances have been impressive, Chelsea’s backup goalkeeper situation is a bit of a concern. Kepa Arrizabalaga, the team’s second-choice goalkeeper, has struggled in recent seasons, and his confidence seems to have taken a hit. This can be a risk for the team if Mendy were to get injured or suspended.

In terms of analytics, Chelsea’s goalkeeping stats are also impressive. According to data from FBref, Mendy has a save percentage of 77.8%, which is among the best in the league. He also has a high expected goals prevented (xG prevented) metric, which measures how many goals a goalkeeper is expected to concede based on the quality of the shots faced. This indicates that Mendy has been making crucial saves that have kept Chelsea in games. However, the team’s high defensive line can sometimes expose the goalkeeper, leading to more shots faced.

Gabriel Slonina is a promising young goalkeeper who currently plays for the Chicago Fire in Major League Soccer (MLS). Despite only being 18 years old, Slonina has already made several appearances for the Fire, demonstrating his potential as a future star. In addition to his shot-stopping abilities, Slonina is also known for his distribution skills, with an average passing accuracy of 80.7% in the 2021 season. While he still has much to learn and improve upon, Slonina’s early performances suggest that he has the potential to become a top goalkeeper in the future.

Marcus Bettinelli is a more experienced goalkeeper who has played for a number of clubs in England, including Fulham and Middlesbrough. Although he is currently a free agent, Bettinelli has a solid track record, having helped Fulham earn promotion to the Premier League in 2018. In terms of his strengths, Bettinelli is known for his commanding presence in the box, as well as his excellent shot-stopping skills. However, his distribution can sometimes be inconsistent, and he has been criticized in the past for making errors in high-pressure situations.

Lucas Bergstrom is a Swedish goalkeeper who currently plays for Ostersunds FK in the Swedish Allsvenskan. At 24 years old, Bergstrom is still a relatively young player, but he has already established himself as a key member of the Ostersunds team. In terms of his style of play, Bergstrom is known for his athleticism and reflexes, and he is particularly strong at making saves from close range. Additionally, he has a good understanding of when to come off his line to claim crosses and through balls. However, like Slonina, Bergstrom still has room for improvement, particularly when it comes to his distribution and decision-making under pressure.

Team’s Defenders: 

Chelsea squads this season defenders are among the best in the Premier League. The club boasts a strong roster of defenders, including experienced players such as Thiago Silva and Cesar Azpilicueta, as well as younger talents like Kurt Zouma and Reece James. These players have been instrumental in helping Chelsea achieve a top-four position in the league table.

In terms of analytics, Chelsea’s defensive stats are impressive. The team has conceded only 22 goals in 30 league matches, making them the league’s best defense. According to data from FBref, Chelsea has a high expected goals prevented (xG prevented) metric, indicating that the team’s defenders have been effective in limiting their opponents’ chances and preventing high-quality shots on goal. Additionally, Chelsea’s defenders have been successful in winning aerial duels, with the team having a high percentage of successful aerial duels compared to other teams in the league.

However, while Chelsea’s defensive performances have been strong overall, there have been some concerns regarding the team’s vulnerability to counter-attacks. The team’s high defensive line can sometimes leave them exposed to quick, direct attacks from opposing teams. Additionally, some of Chelsea’s defenders have struggled with their passing accuracy, which can lead to turnovers in dangerous areas of the pitch. Despite these concerns, Chelsea’s defenders remain a key strength of the team, and their performances will be critical to the club’s success in the remainder of the season.

Midfielder: 15 players

In terms of analytics, Chelsea’s midfielders have excelled in a number of areas. The team has a high passing accuracy, with a completion rate of over 85%. This indicates that Chelsea’s midfielders are adept at maintaining possession and building attacks. Additionally, the team has a high number of progressive passes, which are passes that move the ball forward towards the opponent’s goal, indicating that Chelsea’s midfielders are able to create scoring opportunities for their teammates.

However, there are some concerns about Chelsea’s midfielders. One issue is their lack of goalscoring, with the team’s midfielders contributing relatively few goals compared to other top teams in the league. Additionally, the team’s midfielders have a relatively low number of successful dribbles, which could indicate a lack of creativity in breaking down opposing defenses.

Overall, Chelsea’s midfielders are a crucial component of the team’s style of play and have been instrumental in the club’s recent success. While there are some areas for improvement, their strong performances in possession and ability to create chances make them a formidable force in the Premier League.

Forward: 8 players

In terms of analytics, Chelsea’s forwards have been effective in creating scoring opportunities for the team. The team has a high expected goals (xG) metric, indicating that the forwards are creating high-quality scoring chances. Additionally, Chelsea’s forwards have a high number of successful dribbles, which suggests that they are effective at breaking down opposing defenses and creating space for their teammates.

However, one area of concern for Chelsea’s forwards has been their finishing. Despite creating a high number of scoring opportunities, the team has struggled to convert these chances into goals, with some of their forwards, including Werner and Abraham, enduring dry spells in front of goal. Additionally, the team’s forwards have a relatively low number of successful crosses, indicating that they may struggle to create chances from wide areas.

Overall, Chelsea’s forwards are a talented group of players who have been instrumental in the team’s recent success. While their finishing could be more clinical, their ability to create chances and break down opposing defenses make them a formidable force in the Premier League. With the right service and support, Chelsea’s forwards have the potential to continue making a significant impact on the team’s performances.